A Lambretta Dealer’s Family Photo Album

As promised, here are more family pictures from the owners of the local Lambretta, Cushman, Mustang, Norton, and Ducati Dealer during the late 1950′s and ’60′s. Cushman pictures will be up soon.

A few motorcycles out front on South Jennings Avenue, just south of downtown Fort Worth.

I’ve said it before, but the Fauber’s photo album is a treasure for us who love the antique metal-bodied scooters from the 1960′s. From their photos it appears they loved their Lambrettas more than most.

Dealer lists from 1962 show just five Lambretta dealers in Texas and down to two by 1965.  We may have red 1964 Sears Allstates (the Vespa 125) in every shed and barn, but Lambrettas are still pretty scarce.

Innocenti, the parent company of the Lambretta brand, had high standards regarding the layout and organization of the dealership.  Thanks to Kyle’s Scooter Shop for saving this scarce dealer manual, “How to Organize the Lambretta Service”,  from a barn in Kansas.

The Lambretta corner of the shop with some of the famous Lambretta advertising and dealer posters.

The service entrance behind the shop. 1959 or 1960 model Series 2 LI's and a two-tone TV 175 on the right.


Anyone know more information about the Lambretta scooter for kids?

I imagine this guy was one happy customer as he shows off his new Series 2 LI 150. Appears to be a 1961 model.

Lambretta Series 2 TV 175


A strange Lambretta cut-down with Dad and the kiddos. Thanks to Crashtest for correctly identifying the family car as a Studebaker Lark.

"Helmets? We don't need no stinkin' helmets!"



Camping trip to Inks Lake in Burnet, Texas with a Series 1 LI. I love the Studebaker camping rig as well.

I think Grandpa would rather be driving...


A camping trip to New Mexico with a 1962 TV 175.



This 1964 LI 125 was found in a garage in Irving, Texas a couple of years ago. The second owner remembers it was always in the neighborhood and came from the local dealer, which would have been the Fauber's dealership in Arlington. This was the maiden voyage to The Dubliner after it had been sitting partially disassembled for years. The scooter is now in excellent original condition thanks to The Berglar.


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The Innocenti Factory, An Italian Lambretta Holiday

As an avid collector of vintage motor scooters, I have always loved the Lambretta. Beautiful Italian styling, the ride, and technology sets it apart from everything else.

The service entrance with some Series 2 Li's and a TV175.

Lambrettas were manufactured in Milan, Italy, by Innocenti and  other worldwide licensees starting in 1947.  Production  continued in Spain and India long after Innocenti closed.



The Lambretta was a constant rival to Piaggio’s Vespa throughout the 1960′s and the Golden Age of the Italian motor scooter. Sales of scooters started sliding during the late 1960′s and Innocenti ceased production in 1972.



The Italian Lambrettas are the most coveted and sought after by collecters around the globe. For a complete history of the Lambretta, check out Vittorio Tessera’s  book, Innocenti Lambretta: The Definitive History.

A 1966 Lambretta Special X200.


Last year, through the Lambretta Club USA, I came in contact with the family that owned the local Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas dealerships in the late 1950′s and  1960′s. Their family photo album is an absolute treasure of Lambretta photos from that period. More posts will be coming with their photos, but I thought a few they received after a trip to Italy would be a great start. In November 1963, US dealers were invited to the Innocenti factory for an Italian Holiday.

The owners in the Lambretta corner of the Ducati, Norton, & Cushman Dealership.


The back of the original Innocenti factory photo.

The Lambretta Club of Milan.

A row of Li150 Specials on the right with an Li125 on the left.

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I encourage anyone interested in vintage Lambretta’s to join  LCUSA.  - Grant Griffin

A recent shot of a few local Lambrettas. Picture courtesy of Anthony Armstrong.



A fan of the Sir Wheelsy blog sent us a picture to share. Adrian is a motorbiker with Lambrettas in his blood from the Podgorze district of Krakow, Poland. Here is a picture of his parents in 1974 on Strzelecka Street. The Lambretta is a late 1950′s LD 150. Thanks, Adrian!


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