Dirtbike Action

A couple of weeks ago myself and some friends went for some off-road action within the Dallas city limits.  Vintage enduros were the vehicle of choice so we could legally get to the trails. Randy of Vespa Dallas is riding his gold 1973 Yamaha CT175,  Louis of Lakewood Insurance is on the Yellow 1978 Suzuki TS175, and  I’m riding the 1978 Yamaha DT175. No police were encountered on this particular outing.

Here are some pictures from our adventure. Thanks for checking them out.   – Grant Griffin

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2 thoughts on “Dirtbike Action

  1. Hay i got a 78 ts185, i thot i had the last of its kind in grate con- i resord from ground up. nice to c some other have em kewl, how can i send u aw photos of my ride

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