Dallas Classic Scooter Rally Gymkhana – Rocker Vs. Mod


The first weekend in October was the annual Dallas Classic Scooter Rally, and on Sunday afternoon a few hungover folks stuck around for the gymkhana. A gymkhana is a kind of scooter or motorized-vehicle obstacle course, if your not familiar. With no limitations on course layout, the design tests rider skill and mettle. A crazy course design usually means an increase in crashes, laughs, and overall crowd enjoyment.

We had some excellent runs and I wish I had more video of scooters crashing into the side of the garage. .

First up, we have the Rocker on a vintage Suzuki dirtbike. Our friend on the motorcycle gets a bad deal on this post because his awesome crash happened to be the only motorcycle running the course (and dumbass is referring to the sign on the door).

Then we have the Mod on a vintage Vespa Small Frame:

Who should win?

Thanks for checking out another Sir Wheelsy post. Thanks to Oliver for supplying the house and Nicky for the video.   – Grant Griffin

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