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My name is Grant Barron Griffin and welcome to the Sir Wheelsy blog. I’ll call myself an automobile junkie, vintage scooter nut, collector and seller of interesting and strange objects so you get the idea. Bottom line is that I’ve loved anything with wheels from an early age.

The Summer of 2011, I found myself digging through dusty boxes of Lambretta parts at one of the greatest vintage motor-bike swap meets in Portland, Indiana and a few weeks later I was in attendence at what I believe to be the pinnacle of motoring, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  I realized that I’ve met a lot of similar people all over the world.  Be it the Museo Piaggio, a Cushman meet, Monterey Auto Week, a Chevy dealership in Louisiana, or just talking four-wheel drives over a beer, I always seem to meet interesting people who have the same passion for their wheeled vehicles.

At the suggestion of my wife, Martha, I started this blog to document some of mine and my friend’s motoring (and non-motoring) exploits and introduce you to some other wheel junkies. Holy Jeez, this is starting to sound like a messed up version of an Anthony Bourdain speech.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and posts as much as I do.

- Grant Barron Griffin (GranT urismo)



*photo courtesy of Carlos Cardoza


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